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‘We streamline the fishing charter booking experience by combining the best service with the best prices, from experienced big game offshore anglers to family friendly fishing trips’  

We personally handle your Maui fishing charter details often months in advance of your arrival.  We go over all your fishing trip options, making sure everything you need and want to experience is planned ahead of time so you can spend all your vacation time on the Maui relaxing with confidence knowing everything is reserved in advance of your arrival.


‘Professional alliance of the most reputable charter fishing operations on the island of Maui’ 

  • When you call Fishing Charter A To inquire about what they offer, then call charter B  and then call charter C all three may say they are the greatest experience since sports fishing was invented and they very well may be that great.  We help you avoid the timely-confusing process of having to call multiple fishing charters.  When you contact us it is like calling 20+ fishing charter operations at the same time and we offer you personal insight, options and pricing you have no way of knowing is available.  We have experienced the boats, the crews and different fishing styles and know what the true differences are.  We eliminate the guessing game and risk by helping you quickly streamline the different charter options that best fit your fishing level and trip expectations.

  • There are many different fishing charter options departing from multiple island locations.  We help you choose the best charter that fits the fishing experience you seek.  We personally pre-arrange and reserve all your island fishing trips and create a single custom itinerary that includes all locations, times and vouchers needed.  

  • Many of Maui’s most popular fishing charters book up months in advance.  We recommend pre-booking all island experiences in advance of your arrival date.  

  • We love living on Maui and enjoy sharing our local knowledge with you.  Our staff personally assist you before you arrive and while you are staying on island.  You can feel at ease and travel with confidence knowing you have someone local who is always available to make sure your vacation experience goes as smooth as possible.  

  • We will never sell or share your contact information to a third party organization.  All inquiries and information provided to us is always kept confidential. Our Privacy Policy




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Here are some frequently asked questions.

When Sport Fishing what do we fish for?

Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Short Billed Spearfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo. Mahi Mahi.

Where do your charters depart from?

We offer many different fishing charter options departing from multiple island locations on Maui; Lahaina, Wailea, Kihei, Maalaea, Kaanapali.

Do we get to keep the fish that is caught?

Crew will cut enough fillets for you to have a nice meal and enjoy some of your fresh catch during your stay on island. Traditionally in Hawaii the catch policy is at the discration of the Charter Captain and the majority of the fish goes to the crew to assure none of the fish caught is ever wasted.

Are children allowed on charters?

Yes, though different charters and boats each have their own strict minimum age policy’s mostly set for the safety of the child.

When Bottom Fishing what do we fish for?

Goatfish, Nabeta, Rainbow Runner, Amberjack, Giant Trevally, Bluefin Trevally.

How do I book a fishing charter?

Call the Maui Charter Desk 808-746-5646. All charter bookings must be reserved in advance with a credit card. 

Can we bring alcohol on the boat?

Yes, we encourage everyone to have a good time, however fishing charters are not ‘booze cruises’ safety first, please drink responsibly.

Do I need a fishing license, need to bring my own tackle or ice?

No, boat supplies all license, fishing gear and ice. Crew will choose the best tackle, bait and lures for the conditions of that day.

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